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05: Mallika Chopra, Author of Just Breathe & Just Feel, and Living With Intent, Public Speaker, Media Personality, Entrepreneur Interview

August 14, 2020

Mallika Chopra, is an Author of Just Breathe & Just Feel, and Living With Intent, Public Speaker, Media Personality, and Entrepreneur. In this inspiring interview, Mallika speaks about the importance of setting intentions and shares six strategies that can help you find your way forward.

Mallika shares her personal story of finding her way as the daughter of well-known health and wellness expert Deepak Chopra. She also shares her personal experience interviewing Eckhart Tolle and what she learned about the importance of living in the present moment. 

At a time when the whole world is dealing with so much uncertainly due to COVID-19, Mallika’s book "Living With Intent" and wisdom shared in this interview is needed more now than ever.

Also, keep listening until the end as Mallika kindly takes listeners through a powerful meditation. Something we can all benefit, an opportunity for purposeful mindfulness. @mallikachopra


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