Women Leadership Nation Breaking Barriers

21: Kim Smiley, Artist, Fashion Designer, and Social Entrepreneur

April 1, 2021

Kim Smiley is an artist, fashion designer, and social entrepreneur. 

Kim pursued advanced degrees at McGill and Harvard University, where she graduated first in her class. She later conducted a post-graduate fellowship in Japan. In Tokyo, Kim discovered the metallic lace that would become her eternal canvas. 

As women, Kim believes we apologize too much. So she unapologetically leaves you with this: Kim Smiley is building an Empathy Empire, marrying fashion and philanthropy, empathy and activism. She is employing newcomers in Toronto for a living wage and has bold plans to expand to India and Israel, where she envisions Arab and Jewish women working shoulder to shoulder to create pathways for peace.

Born in Montreal, Kim lives with her family in Toronto.  She loves making people feel beautiful and believes the most gorgeous human beings radiate beauty from the inside out. 

In this podcast, Kim shares her life journey, along with inspiring insights that will benefit everyone who believes in the power of empathy.

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